Advice of Data Breach

Jupiter Health Spearwood has recently identified that a cyber-criminal has compromised our medical records system with a ransomware attack. All patient data has been placed in an encrypted file in our possession on our server however, we cannot retrieve this data despite all of our efforts. Please note that this issue only impacts patients who have attended Jupiter Health Spearwood medical centre. What data has been stored in this system? Data in this system may contain: name, address, email, phone number, age, your health information and Medicare number. What does this mean for me? We have engaged with cyber security experts, who have conducted a full review of this matter. At this point in time, we do not believe that any of your personal information has been taken. Rather, it appears that the information has not left our system, but has been encrypted so that we are unable to access it. We are treating this information breach with the highest level of urgency, and are taking this matter very seriously. We wish to convey our most sincere apologies for any concern that may be caused as a result of this incident. With your consent, we will do everything possible to collate your medical records via our usual pathology and radiology providers, any previous medical practices you have attended and via your My Health Record (if you have one). We will also need to gather a medical history from you at your next visit. If you have recently been asked to follow up on any abnormal results, please contact us as soon as possible. We will also require all patients to fill in the new patient forms again. How have we responded to this incident? As soon as we were made aware of this breach, we shut down the source of this vulnerability and have been working with our IT provider, authorities and independent expert advisers to investigate and protect patients from any further risk. The matter has been reported to the Australian Federal Police and will be reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. We are continuing to investigate this matter and will keep you updated regarding any developments. What do you need to do? As always you should remain vigilant when interacting with organisations, particularly where these organisations seem suspicious. Please closely monitor your personal accounts, such as your My Health Record, for any irregular activity. We recommend that you review the information supplied by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner around data breaches and their Support & Resources. For general information on how to protect your personal data, we recommend you visit Scam Watch. The safety and security of our patients’ information is our highest priority. Data protection continues to be a focus at Jupiter Health. We want to stress that, in line with best practice, we have continued to tighten our security and protection mechanisms to provide us with the highest level of protection possible in relation to your information. Again, we wish to offer our sincere apologies. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me on 9434 0100 or email me at p.manager@jupiterhealthspearwood.com.au. Yours Sincerely, Te Kotuku Brown Practice Manager Jupiter Health Spearwood

Who are we?

Founded in 2017 Jupiter Health Spearwood is a part of the Jupiter Health and Medical Services GP group in WA. The GP Spearwood Center is designed to be a General Practice along with multiple Allied Health Services.

Jupiter Health Spearwood is committed to providing its patients with a high standard of care for the benefit of each patient’s health and wellbeing.

The goals of the doctors and staff are:

  • To provide the best medical care for patients incorporating best practice principle, up to date knowledge and technological advances.
  • To treat all patient and visitors with respect and courtesy.
  • To ensure the best service for patients through awareness of individual health and social requirements.
  • To ensure patient’s confidentiality is maintained at all times.
  • To provide a safe environment and the best working conditions for doctors and staff
  • Respect and awareness of the individual, personal and social requirements.

As of 1st January 2022, Jupiter Health Spearwood transitioned to a mix billing practice. As a practice we believe that everyone deserves to have access to high quality healthcare and so we were offering our services as a bulk billing clinic.

Unfortunately, the rebate we receive from Medicare does not cover the operational costs of the practice anymore. We are committed to maintaining and providing the very best quality healthcare for our patients and so we have taken this step to protect the sustainability of our practice.

Access to healthcare is very important to us. Therefore, we will continue to bulk bill the following patients;Children under 16

-Pension card holders/DVA

-Chronic Disease care plans

-Health assessments

-Mental Health Care Plans

However, a number of the doctors have transitioned to private billing and the fees may vary. If you are unsure if fees apply to your appointment please contact the practice for more information on 9434 0100. We offer same day appointments, Walk-ins and Telephones appointments for those that are eligible. We have both female and male doctors available. We provide a wide range of appointments such as Iron Infusions, Skin Checks and Excisions/Biopsy’s, Childhood Immunizations and much more.